Ryan Lilly

Ryan Lilly


Back Squat: 400lbs

Strict Press: 185lbs

Deadlift: 405lbs

Front Squat 275lbs

Bench Press: 300lbs


About Coach

I came to crossfit on an 8 week boot camp, with pain in my back, hips, and neck. Over the course of the year, I lost 30lbs, put on a sizable amount of muscle, and was living pain free.

Turning Point

After leaving college, I quickly found myself in a full time job, marriage, and 2 children. As a former trainer, I lost my way. I began taking on bad habits, living sedentary, and gaining weight. I finally had enough. I knew I needed to get back to feeling better and more fit. I used to look forward to the gym everyday, and I lost it. I attributed my pain to my age, thinking it's just part of life. I'm here to say, "it's a lie." Keeping our bodies moving and working is the key to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Motivation & Passion

I love helping others, whether it's physically or mentally. What motivates me is getting people to their goal. It's truly a joy to see my fellow gym mates improving their lives daily through hard work and dedication.

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